Age And Time – Do They Really Matter?







What a fascinating concept.

It’s just there. Something hazy and nebulous.

A number.

One hardly ever thinks about it.

But here’s the thing:

Age is Time.

And Time has meaning and impact.

It is finite. Yet infinite.

Endless, limitless, but also irretrievable.

We have a choice: use it fully and wisely, or waste it, spend it without thought.

Little do many of us realize that it’s our greatest commodity and most valuable asset.

And when do we realize this?

Well, when it is too late, of course. J

And here’s another thing about time: it has huge fun with us.

It follows our timelines and milestones, chortling and chuckling at our fluctuating aspirations and desires.

First, we can’t wait to be older, so we can walk and run, then older still to swim and ride the wild roller coasters

We want to be older still so that we can hang out with friends, date and be more independent.

We can’t wait to be older so we can do what we want.

We want to be older still to have a job, travel the world, move into our own apartments, drive a car and make our own decisions.

Then: the brakes come on.

Time moves too fast, and we slow it down, in order to enjoy the life we have built, to enjoy the times with family and friends.

Later still, we hide time. Hide our age, pretend all is well; time is standing still.

We slink around the delicate issue of time as if time itself will be fooled into not noticing us if we are quiet and pretend to be invisible.

So it continues, until suddenly: a flash of insight, when life can no longer hide all the evidence of a life fully lived.

A flash of insight, when life can no longer hide all the evidence of a life fully lived.

Then, just like that, the brakes come off, and:

Proudly we wear age like a badge of honor, hard fought for, and hard won.

And so it is. And so it is.

Time first encourages us, it keeps cheering us on, then it applauds and congratulates us, then it soothes and comforts us, until finally, it celebrates us.

Time. Age.

Funny, inescapable, inexplicable.

All at the same time.

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