Responsibility Is All About Decisions And Choices.

Responsibility Is All About Your Decisions And Your Choices.

What is responsibility? It’s often thought of as just another yucky word, which sounds like hard work.

“Take responsibility for your own life.” Ugg.

A lousy cliché, right?


It’s not work, hard or otherwise.

It’s a lifestyle, a way of living and being and acting.

Yes, it is: “…to be or not to be…”

That’s really all it is.

Everyone has a life, which is like a garden.

All the different parts that make up your life are planted in this garden: love, people, learning, health, fitness, spirituality, development, business, work.

Some gardens are truly fabulous, lush and verdant; others are drab and pretty lifeless. Some are so-so, with a little flower tucked away here and there.

The point is: the amount of attention you give this garden will directly influence what it will look like, the amount of pleasure it will bring you.

Responsibility Is All About Decisions And Choices









If your life:

  • Is not perfect
  • is not working the way you would like it to
  • is not giving you the satisfaction or results you long for

…have a look at what you focus on.

Here’s an example: the people in your life are multitudinous and variegated:

Spouse/partner – parents – children – family – colleagues (who are also divided into those of equal stature, those higher or lower than you on the totem pole, the direct or indirect co-workers) – friends (really close, or just friendly with or acquaintance types) – strangers – online connections – those you do charity work for, etc.

Each of these has age, gender, looks, stature, learning, and many other forms of distinctions.

How do you treat these people? Who do you give the most attention to? Who do you invest most of your time with? Who are you the most loving, the most kind and generous to?

You can’t possibly expect a fantastic relationship with your spouse or partner if most of your best regard, awareness, civility, respect and consideration goes to colleagues or friends. The ones you consider the most important, and most long-lasting and value-adding, should surely get the most and best of you.

Your health will suffer if you focus on eating, drinking, sleeping and partying the time away. Of if you choose to sit behind your computer more that you move and do other things. Your business will suffer if you invest too much in shiny objects instead of reinvesting or learning about it. Your spirituality will suffer if you never take the time for quiet, peace and reflection.

It works with everything in exactly the same way.

ALL of it is about two distinct approaches: Decisions and Choices.

How you act, react, think, feel, interpret and get on, all these depend on your decisions and your choices.

It really is easy.

As long as you accept that YOU are the Driver, the Owner, the Big Chief In Charge.

Try this: for the next week, be more mindful and aware of how and what you do, who you spend the most time with and on, how you react to experiences, how you feel at different times.

Then notice if you can shift small things at first by changing your attitude, by choosing slightly different options, readjusting your heart, priorities, emphasis, schedule and time. Try to get to the substance and essence of what is going on.

This WILL have a positive, lasting impact towards your better, more fulfilling and satisfying life.


Here’s to the burst of new colors in your garden.

Hugs, humor and goodwill, ‘till we read again.

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.” Jim Rohn

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” Denis Waitley

“In times like the present, men should utter nothing for which they would not willingly be responsible through time and eternity.” Abraham Lincoln December 1, 1862, Message to Congress

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