A life worth remembering

To The Students And Big Thinkers Of Our Future

To Those Who Want An Excellent Tomorrow

To Those Who Know They Can Make A Difference

To Those Who Know They Deserve Better

Martin Luther








We are very proud of you, our children, and we are also very proud of the freedom, the technology and the opportunities which other generations have secured for you.

But today this legacy seems to have been lost in the struggle for survival, the health and crime epidemics, the mad struggle for supremacy of political leaders using you for their own gain.

WHERE ARE YOU, our Hope For The Future?

We need the miracle of a rebirth of the voices of our youth, the renewed waking up of silenced spirits, the boundless hope and the energy to get up and be counted. You have rights and responsibilities and it’s time for your coming of age.

You have the right to your own opinion, the right to think, to innovate, to dream, to want a better and financially secure future. But here’s the thing: YOU have to secure it.

If you give your rights away and let someone else speak for you, if you allow others to form your opinions for you and if you allow someone else to shape your future, you will soon find that you’re living under a dictator and that you have signed away any hope of changing your restrictive state.  Study countries in Africa, China, the Middle East: in which specific one would you like to live and why?  Study places such as Norway, touted as one of the best countries to live in, and ask yourself what they are doing that yours is not.

About 80 Million people are added annually to the world population, of which about 43% are under the age of 25. So many young people offer poor countries the hope of rising above poverty.  But this ‘demographic dividend’ must be utilized otherwise it is quickly lost.

A major question: who do you hang around with, what are they doing to you, what have they got you feeling, thinking, doing and saying?  Here’s the BIG question: what have they got you becoming?

What have your youth leagues done for you?  What have they build, where are the tangible, measurable results of their caring and your countries’ investment into their coffers?  How have they helped you? Where has all the money gone? Do you really think that just by looking at a billionaire, that each and every one of the millions of unemployed will become rich themselves?

No, it is time for YOU (each and every one of you) to stand up and DO. Yes, the only way to get anything done is to actually do it. Endless meetings, neither expensive workshops nor pointless marching bring real results.

Take the biggest care in choosing those who would lead you. Should they be older persons or younger persons, ones such as yourselves? Study other countries, study their politics and religious governing and decide if that would really, truly be what you desire for your own country. Do you like having rights? Would you like being oppressed and repressed? What are your values?

You are capable, intelligent, talented and immensely creative. Those who work with young people are constantly amazed at the new insights, the solutions and plans they can come up with if they try.

You could, for instance:

  1. Change the curriculums in schools to include more technology learning, business and investment skills, motivational and personal development courses, relationship counseling, creative development, problem-solving skills, communication, learning about taxes and the list goes on. It CAN be changed. Maths and the sciences are fun if presented with more enthusiasm and more incorporated into everyday applications. Introduce proper career guidance and introduce surveys to determine aptitude.
  2. Bring back libraries into every school and develop a love for reading and learning. (Did you know that one never stops learning throughout life? One doesn’t magically know everything after school or college 😉 But is should be fun and interesting, not boring and pointless.)
  3. Streamline and connect information in course books so that there is no disconnect between schools and tertiary institutions. It is unacceptable to be told to forget everything once you reach Uni or College because what you’ve been taught at school is apparently wrong. Fix it.
  4. Form Mastermind groups, become change agents. One person CAN make a difference.
  5. Communities could work together to share skills. Sharing knowledge and skillsets benefits everyone. What good is keeping it to oneself? Beyond the grave probably doesn’t need what we know here on earth. Business owners could do seminars at schools and universities to share specific business knowledge, farmers could write articles or do presentations in classes to those who would like to own farms and work in securing our food production.
  6. The youth could help out in their own communities, doing shadow work in all aspects, including the municipalities, businesses, tourism, farming and policing. There are thousands of jobs which could benefit all parties, the types of jobs that don’t take long but for which there is not enough manpower. Even working in a restaurant for a week (after school hours) teaches young people about service, customers, maths (calculating tips!) and good marketing. Helping out in shops, helping to make decisions on town issues, cleaning and rebuilding parks for people to get together in, could bring renewal in communities.
  7. Involve the pensioners in your projects, even helping with business plans, finding answers, explaining, colluding, collaborating, helping at schools, looking after children for a while or helping with homework. They have a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom to share. It would also help them be less lonely, more productive and involved. They would love you for it.

What is not good is surrounding yourselves with aggression, armed guards, corruption and idiocy. It is time to lose the “I” and resurrect the “we”. Working together has been proven to benefit more people much faster and better. How much stronger are a million horses pulling together than just one? If one person were to build a house, how long would it take him, compared to having a team of architects, designers, suppliers, builders and bricklayers?  Which one would you rather be a part of?

Don’t allow others to keep you ‘dumb-ed’ down (keep you uneducated and stupid) in order to keep you oppressed. This is done in many countries with unscrupulous leaders who desire all the glory, gold and power onto themselves and their small inner circle while the rest live in abject poverty. They need your votes and then forget about you. They promise the earth, and afterward it’s back to the grindstone and misery for you. They are richer and you stay poor.

You simply HAVE to take a stand and hold your leaders accountable towards spending their time, and your tax dollars, responsibly and in service of everyone in your country. Today, the easy solution seems to be to run away to Europe, or America or even the Far East, and leave your country to its own devices and the poor and disenfranchised who can’t get away. The radicals then find it a pushover and easy to control. The countries on our continent have the greatest mineral wealth, tourism potential, have a rich and fertile earth, space aplenty, brilliant weather of the most part and enough people who could change their outcomes and the direction of their futures.

Please pay taxes and FORGET about getting every single thing for free. Where do you think the money should come from? Some say from mining and other resources, but have you looked at the countries which have some of the richest oil, gas, minerals, precious stones and agricultural assets in Africa? How are their populations doing? Do you really expect to live in a country where your schooling, the health care, the housing, the internet, the TV viewing, municipal rates and taxes, fuel, water, electricity, and everything else besides, will be free for you? Let us know when you find such a Utopia, so that we could all move there. But until then: the money has to come in so that it can secure our living conditions. But we are more than willing to listen to new answers and results, to better ideas, to new ways of doing things, if you can come up with them.

You are filled with promise. Be proud of yourselves again. Stand straight and tall, look life squarely in the eyes, and KNOW, deep down in your heart, that you matter, you are important, you are worthy. Be known for your honor, your integrity, your leadership. Be authentic, trustworthy and compassionate.  Be dependable, generous, reliable, fair, humble and loyal. Persevere and aspire.  Be influential.  The right attitude is everything. Choose yours wisely.

Work on the side of good, be a contributor and not a destroyer.  Build up, don’t break down. Join the worldwide growing phenomenon of the rich giving back to their communities, helping the poor – you can’t take it with you when you die, anyway.

THINK! THINK! THINK! You have the ability. You are incredibly fortunate in that there is nothing today that you cannot know about, research and look for on the internet. Use it wisely and continuously inform yourself. Learn, compare and educate yourself before it is too late. The question shouldn’t be who is going to let you; the question should be who is going to stop you!

Another generation is counting on you. Physical freedom has been won for you, now it is time to secure other freedoms for your own generation and the next. What will they thank and honor you for? How will you leave this world a better place? What differences will you have made? What will you have built, designed, innovated and which solutions will you have come with?

Go, Youth, Go!


“Can you feel the winds of change? The world is calling, can you hear it, can you feel it?”

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