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About Ursula Nieuwoudt:

Ursula is a writer and is honored to have been featured in the bestsellers ‘My Creative Thoughts, Inspired By Bestselling Authors’ as well as in ‘My Big Idea Book’. She has also written the book ‘Practical Conversations About Fitting In, Good Habits For A Great Life.’  Her next book has been quite a few years in the making and involves really substantial amounts of research. It’s about diamond people in the African Desert.  She simply can’t wait to have it in print, and says: “Let’s see how that pans out.”

While you may find that the perspectives and interpretations in the articles have an African slant and hue, Ursula hopes you find value, aid, service and comfort, as well as a big dollop of good humor. Life is for living, after all, fully experiencing it, and enjoying the journey.

She aspires to: character, honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, exemplary ethics, morality, authenticity, soul, wonder, grace, creativity, inspiration, motivation, positivity, enthusiasm, peace, glowing good health, hard work, humor, joy, vibrancy, zest, sparkle and warmth.

Also loves hugs, sparkle, vistas, trees, butterflies, bees, birds, stones and rocks of all kinds, books by the thousands, learning (what a weird thing to like, right?), news, news sites, new innovations, science, psychology and YOU!

The chink in her armor is fairness: she just can’t abide unfairness. Which is a hindrance, as fairness is quite elusive. But there you go – everyone has an Achilles heel.

“Thank you for dropping in and stopping by, I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you.”

Toasty greetings from sunny Africa,



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